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Winnie Soon


Winnie Soon (PhD) is an artist-researcher-coder-educator who was born and raised in Hong Kong. She/They is interested in queering the intersections of technical and artistic practices as a critical/feminist/queer praxis, with works appearing in museums, galleries, festivals, distributed networks, papers and books.

Winnie is co-initiator of code & share [], and a core member of Critical Software Thing Collective. Researching in the areas of software studies and computational practices, she/they is currently based in Denmark and working as Associate Professor at Aarhus University. More info at: siusoon.net

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  • Fix My Code

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    Breaking points between Code and Culture – exemplified by the net.art generator. Starting with a broken tool two artists engage in a thrilling dialogue about code, the aesthetics of the dysfunctional and the female coder as the lasting exception

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