Boisseau & Westermeyer

SYLVIE BOISSEAU is an artist. She lives and works in Berlin and Geneva. FRANK WESTERMEYER is an artist and associate professor at HEAD – Geneva. They work together under the name BOISSEAU/WESTERMEYER on video and film installations, among other artistic works, which are shown internationally both in art houses and at festivals.

With ƒ, an experimental figure they created in 1997, they try to show the extent to which language is permeated by projections and various expectations. It was only in 2010, during a research seminar, that their attention was drawn to the proximity of their work to the theories of Helmuth Plessner and the concept of eccentric positionality. Following this, they formulated the asubject of their second artistic research project, nach Produktion von Landschaft, Produktion von Identität. Künstlerische, ethnohistorische und anthropologische Perspektiven auf den Süden Chiles (19. bis 20. Jahrhundert).

The project presented here explores those forms and discourses that can emerge at the intersection of artistic and philosophical method.

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