Was Verlage alles können – Warum E-Books?

What publishers can do – Why e-books?
Presentation and talk with:
Janine Sack, eeclectic.de / Esther Hunziker, electrfd.net / Chris Regn, Existenz und Produkt
An event serie by publisher Existenz und Produkt

Monday, 17 June 2024, 6 pm
Mediathek der HGK Basel FHNW

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Digital Publishing for Visual Culture

EECLECTIC is a publishing project for digital publications in the field of visual culture in Berlin.

We are creating e-books that intertwine art, photography, city, politics, society, feminism and film. Artistic narratives and practices of artistic research are at the heart of our publications.

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Berlin Journals—On the History and Present State of the City

The Berlin Journals—On the History and Present State of the City is an ongoing series of small publications that link artistic, essayistic and activist practices. The journals address the social, cultural, and economic changes in Berlin and other cities, and intervene in urban political debates through historical reflection as well as information on current affairs.


Supporting independent publishing

Together with authors and artists, we develop e-books that explore and realise the media potential of digital publishing.

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The Scream of the Strawbear

+++ Editions available! +++

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And please watch the conversation between Matthew Cowan and Janine Sack about the publication and its making!

Scriptings: Political Scenarios

Scriptings is a publishing project initiated 2009 by the visual artist Achim Lengerer. Scriptings works in cooperation with international artists, theoreticians, writers and activists on forms of presentations that
concern political debates and that are addressed within performative script writing and other types of non-academic text.


Frauen und Arbeit

Eine flexible Frau (The Drifter, 2010) is Tatjana Turanskyj’s acclaimed film about precarious working conditions, self-promotion demands in the creative world of work and feminist aberrations in postmodern capitalism.

With this publication, the script of the first part of the „Frauen und Arbeit“ trilogy is available as a Text: The film script is on the one hand material and a basis for work and at the same time an independent form.




A Book Edition

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