Scriptings: Political Scenarios

Scriptings is a publishing project initiated 2009 by the visual artist Achim Lengerer. Scriptings works in cooperation with international artists, theoreticians, writers and activists on forms of presentations that concern political debates and that are addressed within performative script writing and other types of non-academic text.

In addition to the ephemera and publication entitled Scriptings, the project also sets in motion the production of exhibitions, films, radio plays, often in collaboration with an informal temporary working group. Thus a series of gestures rather than objects are performed in-between performative modes of language and its shelter or storage: notebook, document and script.

Scriptings‘ new reader series ”Political Scenarios” is published and internationally distributed by Archive Books and also made available in technological innovative form as an e-book by EECLECTIC – Digital Publishing for Visual Culture. The goal remains to publish carefully selected scripts and texts by artists that refer neither to academic forms nor to purely literary forms of writing, but rather embed “text” as a fully integral part of contemporary political and visual art practice.

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