Emma Wolf-Haugh

Lyónn Wolf (Emma Wolf-Haugh) is a visual artist, educator and writer-based in Berlin and Dublin and working internationally. Lyónn’s work is shaped by economic necessity, engaging forms of recycling, thrift and ephemera that result in soft modularity, wild archiving, and performative intervention, posing questions about value, accumulation, and authorship. Their pedagogical and publishing work posits the imagination as a political tool with radical potential that can exist and erupt anywhere and at any time.

Lyónn has developed a trilogy of works since 2014 dealing with queer and transfeminist economies and spatial politics. The Re-appropriation of Sensuality, Sex in Public, and Domestic Optimism have been exhibited through various iterations at: The Project Arts Centre Dublin, The Grazer Kunstverein Graz and De Appel Amsterdam, among other places.

Lyónn is co-founder of ‘The Many Headed-Hydra’, aqueous-mythmaking-decolonising collective, since 2015 and founder of ‘The Reading Troupe’ – Disruptive Pedagogy, workshop and instant publishing series, since 2013. Lyónn is the editor of Having A KiKi – Queer Desire & Public Space, PVA, 2016.

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