Regine Steenbock

Regine Steenbock is an artist and fashion designer and as such oscillates between free and applied art, between artistic research and design (film, fashion, photography). In all her areas of activity, she is concerned with capturing the »conditio humana« (human condition) as it is reflected in everyday life. In 2001, she founded her fashion label Sium ( with which she ran her own shops in Hamburg and Berlin until 2015. Inspired by her teaching activities in non-European cultural circles (most recently from 2016–18 at Beijing Normal University in Zhuhai, China), Regine Steenbock has been involved in ethnological fashion research as an artist and fashion designer since 2016 ( Chinese Weave was on show as an exhibition at Galerie M29 in Cologne in autumn 2019. Regine Steenbock lives and works mainly in Hamburg.

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