Text in Public @Gesellschaft für künstlerische Forschung

3 December 2022, 7-9 pm

Text in Public – Zine Performances and Rants (2022) by Emma Wolf-Haugh, published as part of the series Scriptings: Political Scenarios.

Please feel warmly invited to an evening at the Berliner Förderprogramm Künstlerische Forschung with readings and conversations on the occasion of Emma Wolf-Haugh’s new monograph of experimental and performative writings entitled Text in Public – Zine Performances and Rants (2022), published as part of the series Scriptings: Political Scenarios.

Emma Wolf-Haugh will be joined by guest readers and conversation partners Iarlaith Ni Fheorais, Achim Lengerer/Scriptings and Joanna Walsh. The event will be held in English and recorded.

Text in Public – Zine Performances and Rants is the first monograph of writing by visual artist Emma Wolf-Haugh interconnecting performative works, performance scripts and assemblage texts. Over the past decade Wolf-Haugh has developed an interdisciplinary practice, which incorporates and overlaps installation, performance, and experimental workshop formats, in which the practice of self- and collective DIY publishing often serves as a kind of porous container to re-combine and bundle their multifaceted activities with text. The publication gathers together these texts, traversing particular cultural and historical sites, the lived present and imagined futures, incorporating auto-fiction and anecdote as part of a tradition of queer-transfeminist working class vernacular and ethics, promiscuous and adept at working within limitations.

Text in Public – Zine Performances and Rants is published as part of the reader series Scriptings: Political Scenarios. The series publishes carefully selected scripts and texts by artists that refer neither to academic forms nor to purely literary forms of writing, but rather embed ‘text’ as a fully integral part of contemporary political and visual art practice. Scriptings: Political Scenarios is edited by artist Achim Lengerer and internationally distributed by Archive Books and made available as an e-book by EECLECTIC – Digital Publishing for Visual Culture.

Emma Wolf-Haugh is a visual artist, educator and writer based in Berlin and Dublin and working internationally. Emma’s work is shaped by economic necessity, engaging forms of recycling, thrift and ephemera that result in soft modularity, wild archiving, and performative intervention, posing questions about value, accumulation, and authorship. Their pedagogical and publishing work posits the imagination as a political tool with radical potential that can exist and erupt anywhere and at any time. Emma has developed a trilogy of works since 2014 dealing with queer and transfeminist economies and spatial politics. The Re-appropriation of Sensuality, Sex in Public and Domestic Optimism have been exhibited through various iterations at: The Project Arts Centre Dublin, the Grazer Kunstverein and currently De Appel Amsterdam, among other places. Wolf-Haugh is currently fellow of the Berliner Förderprogramm Künstlerische Forschung.

Iarlaith Ni Fheorais is a curator and writer based between the UK and Ireland.In 2022 she curated Speech Sounds at VISUAL Carlow. She writes for Frieze, Burlington Contemporary and has an art and access column with Visual Arts News Sheet. She is currently developing an Arts Council England funded access toolkit for curators and producers and is an Independent Producer with field:arts. She is currently studying MA Art Praxis at the Dutch Art Institute.

Achim Lengerer works on political questions of speech and language that he thematizes in performances, radio plays or spatializes within installations and publications. Lengerer founded different collaborative projects such as freitagsküche in Frankfurt a. M. and voiceoverhead, with artist colleague Dani Gal. Lengerer holds a PhD from the Department of Art and Curatorial Studies at Goldsmiths, University of London, UK. Since 2009 Lengerer runs the Berlin-based publishing and production house Scriptings.

Joanna Walsh is a multidisciplinary writer for print, digital and performance. The author of eleven books (several co-written with AI, which she has coded), her publishers include Semiotext(e), Bloomsbury and Verso. She is a Markievicz Awardee in the Republic of Ireland and a UK Arts Foundation fellow. She is also a university teacher, editor and digital activist. She founded and ran #readwomen (2014-18), described by the New York Times as ‚a rallying cry for equal treatment for women writers‘. She currently runs @noentry_arts.

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