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Hyper Cultural Passengers. Sharing Aesthetics Across Co-Contemporary Collectives

The publication examines placelessness, digitality, and networking without understanding culturality as identity

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Hyper Cultural Passengers examines placelessness, digitality, and networking without understanding culturality as identity.

Cultural proximity is outlined as a constructive dissent of artistic and intellectual articulations transverse to national and cultural categorizations.

HyperCulturality as a family resemblance (Wittgenstein) offers seemingly foreign art and cultural practices an unconstrained exchange of artistic action and theoretical reflection. The volume Hyper Cultural Passengers asks how art and philosophy can contribute to generating spaces of dialogue that are not territorial and borne of national self-assertion.

The volume documents the project started in Hamburg in 2016 that outlines a broad spectrum of positions in hyper cultural art and cultural practices. The myth of the autonomous subject is problematized with different formats such as artist-in-residences, conferences, lecture series, workshops, or co-cookings. The figure of the hyper cultural passenger is proposed instead: these come from Japan, China, South Korea, India, Jordan, Finland, the Netherlands, France, Iceland, and the USA, among others.

Eds. HyCP

Michael Kress, is a conceptual artist, born in 1964, in Munich, Germany, living in Hamburg.
The focus of his work is semiotics and language as a normative moment in the construction of a media-identity.

Torsten Bruch (b. 1973) is a visual and acting artist born in Hannover, Germany.
He is now living in Hamburg. You can find his personal web page here:

Dr. Heidi Salaverría is a philosopher, lecturer, and performance artist, born in 1969 in Caracas, Venezuela, living in Hamburg, Germany.

Chrisdian Wittenburg, born in Hamburg in 1965, artist/activist on the subject of “disability”.

Eds.: Hyper Cultural Passengers: Michael Kress with Torsten Bruch, Heidi Salaverría and Chrisdian Wittenburg
Text: Amithab Kumar, Ana Honnacker, Anish Ahluwalia, Aram Han Sifuentes, Benger Hauser, Chrisdian Wittenburg, Derya Yildirim, Doro Carl, Ariel Flórez, Geheimagentur, Heidi Salaverría, James Enos, Jan Derk Diekema, Jenny Schaefer, Megha Ralapati, Michael Kress, Miku Sato, Rebecca Beachy, Shruti Mahajan, Stefan Moos, Torsten Bruch, Vienne Chan, Xin Cheng, Yoshie Ota, Zalah Sater
Production: Daniel Janik, Torsten Bruch
Copy editing: Heidi Salaverría
Design: Michael Kress
Approx. 200 pages, many illustrations
ISBN 978-3-947295-70-8

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