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Ich spreche Funk / I Speak Radio (AT)

Artistic essay on the feminist appropriation of the young radio technology of the 1920s and the reading versions of Bromley’s radiophonic walks with portraits from Kosovo

Since 2010, Anna Bromley has been inviting artists and cultural researchers to the reboot radio studio in Berlin to think together about language and voice in the context of sound, politics and everyday life. What began as a research format in an artists’ radio programme has developed over the years into independent exhibition contributions that focus on radio and its visible and invisible transmission bodies.

I speak radio focusses on Bromley’s most recent radio works. The book opens with the multimedia essay of the same name, which was shown at the Berlin Centre for Contemporary Art in 2023. The radio essays, sonic portraits and drawings from the series A Voice Exists in Voicing, with which Bromley opened the Manifesta Radio in Pristina in summer 2022, form a comprehensive complex in the book. She talks to important companions in an experimental radio conversation between Tetsuo Kogawa, Alla Mitrofanova, JD Zazie and Anna Bromley, produced by Diana McCarty for the German Pavilion at the 23rd Triennale di Milano.

Media activist Diana McCarty conducts an introductory interview with Anna Bromley about the politics of contagious radio voices and a critical look at the medium of radio in art exhibitions.

The Manifesta work is contextualised by Catherine Nichols (curator, Manifesta 14) and Hedwig Fijen (founder and director of Manifesta). An index of Bromley’s artistic works provides further references.

Anna Bromley

Anna Bromley is an artist and writer in Berlin. Her furtive radio listening in the disintegrating GDR forms the starting point of her artistic research on clandestine protest radio. Following an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach, she dispatches her own radio voice in search of improvised radio speech beyond state-supported broadcasters, hand-soldered amplifiers, police surveillance protocols, and polyphonic memories. In the process, she combines her auditory essays with objects and installations, performances and processual drawings.

Bromley’s radio assemblages have recently been heard and seen in the German Pavilion at the 23rd Triennale di Milano, at Manifesta 14 in Pristina, at beuys2021 in Düsseldorf, the Tbilisi Biennale, at the Akademie der Künste der Welt Cologne, at the Akademie der Künste and HKW – both in Berlin, and documenta14 in Kassel.

Achim Lengerer (Hg.)

In his artistic practise, Achim Lengerer deals with the political effects and functions of language and text. In addition to cinematic soundtracks, installations and publications, his forms of expression include performative lectures and events.

Lengerer founded various collaborative projects, including the freitagsküche in Frankfurt on the Main. Since 2009, Lengerer has run the mobile exhibition space and publishing house Scriptings.

2017 Participation in documenta 14 with the 21-hour radio work different time, different place, different pitch (with Dani Gal) produced by Savvy Funk and Deutschlandfunk. PhD at Goldsmiths, University of London, UK.

Ed.: Achim Lengerer
Text: Anna Bromley, Diana McCarty, Hedwig Fijen, Tetsuo Hori, Alla Mitrofanova, Catherine Nicols
Drawings: Michael Fesca
Copy editing: Anita di Bianco

Design: Julie Högner, Archive Appendix
Design e-book: Janine Sack, Camila Coutinho
Approx. 200 pages, 75 illustrations

Spring 2024

ISBN 978-3-947295-91-3

5,99 Euro

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