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Silent Language

Overdrawn curves and diagrams

32,00 180,00 

The series of drawings Silent Language superimpose curves and diagrammes from a scientific book about electro-accoustic notation of voices.

„Eighty years later, Inken Reinert delved into the tables of the mechanical recordings of words we can no longer hear. When she eventually began drawing on the charts, the voices of the Italian men and women seem to resonate with her. The artist becomes a medium that records and transforms the sounds of those words spoken many years ago.“

Ania Corcilius

Inken Reinert

Inken Reinert, born in 1965 in Jena, studied fine art at Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin where she was Meisterschülerin of Werner Liebmann in 2000/2001. In her artwork she concentrates on drawing and installation. She often works with material which has a (hi)story. In her drawings, collages and sculptural installations she works with their potential to stand as a metaphor for political and social transformations. Along with her individual art production Reinert is engaged in various collaborative practices. Her work has been shown nationally and internationally. She is artist of the Gallery etHall in Barcelona. ethall.net, inken-reinert.de

Ed. and design: Janine Sack
Text: Ania Corcilius, Manuel Saiz, Markus Wettstein
German, English, Spanish
72 pages, 18 illustrations
180 x 230 mm (unfolded 340 x 230 mm), edition of 125
Softcover, Swiss brochure
Winter 2016 / 2017
32,00 Euro


Limited edition
Book plus lithograph on an original page from the book L’analisi elettroacustica del linguaggio by Gemelli and Pastori, Società Editrice “Vita e pensiero”, Milano, 1934.
Edition of 25
180,00 Euro

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