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Territoires – Filmtranskripte

First monographic publication on the cultural producer’s films about the legacy of the German colonial project in Cameroon and Germany

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First monographic publication on Brigitta Kuster’s films about the legacy of the German colonial project in Cameroon and Germany. The focus will be on the films made between 2006 – 2016 as part of the project Choix d’un passé (with Moïse Merlin Mabouna). The publication contains film texts and scripts in German, French and English translation as well as film clips, stills and research materials.

Brigitta Kuster and Moïse Merlin Mabouna met in 2001 about three hours outside Berlin at the camp for asylum seekers in Zerbst, to which Mabouna was assigned when he arrived in Germany from Cameroon. This led to a collaboration that subsequently explores the largely hidden legacy of Germany’s colonial involvement in Cameroon. “We really understand memory as individual. You can’t share it like a meal, but there are forms of messaging; you can try to communicate something to others,” Kuster writes about this project, which began with a double “haunting”: for Mabouna, a diffuse memory emerged. The “Germans” he learned to “admire” in his youth and who now subjected him to a humiliating bureaucracy in Germany were also the protagonists in a family story handed down to him by his ancestors: in 1892, his great-grandfather Bisselé Akaba led the resistance against colonial conquest and was subsequently captured, tortured and killed. The effort to share each other’s stories became a challenge to understand the markings that colonial violence has left on both of them as subjects, but without letting it completely define their communication.

Brigitta Kuster

Brigitta Kuster is a cultural researcher and artist, primarily interested in visual and film studies, (post)colonialism, and migration and border studies. Her work has taken the form of research projects, exhibitions, and filmic approaches. Currently she works as a junior professor for cultural theory and film studies with a particular focus on gender studies at the Humboldt University zu Berlin. Her recent publications include Grenze filmen. Eine kulturwissenschaftliche Analyse audiovisueller Produktionen an den Grenzen Europas (2018) and Choix d’un passé. Transnationale Vergegenwärtigungen kolonialer Hinterlassenschaften (2016).

Achim Lengerer (Ed.)

In his artistic practise, Achim Lengerer deals with the political effects and functions of language and text. In addition to cinematic soundtracks, installations and publications, his forms of expression include performative lectures and events.

Lengerer founded various collaborative projects, including the freitagsküche in Frankfurt on the Main. Since 2009, Lengerer has run the mobile exhibition space and publishing house Scriptings.

2017 Participation in documenta 14 with the 21-hour radio work different time, different place, different pitch (with Dani Gal) produced by Savvy Funk and Deutschlandfunk. PhD at Goldsmiths, University of London, UK.

Ed.: Achim Lengerer
Text: Brigitta Kuster
Design: Julie Högner, Archive Appendix
Design e-book: Janine Sack, Camila Coutinho
German, French with English translation
Approx. 200 pages, illustrations
Spring 2024
ISBN 978-3-947295-71-5
5,99 Euro

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