Helke Sander

Helke Sander, born 1937 in Berlin, German filmmaker and author. In 1968 she was a co-founder of the Aktionsrat zur Befreiung der Frauen” (Action Council for the Liberation of Women), in 1974 founder and until 1981 editor of the magazine “Frauen und Film” (women and film). From 1981 to 2003 she was a professor at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Hamburg. Films among others: Die allseitig reduzierte Persönlichkeit – Redupers (The All-Around Reduced Personality – Outtakes, 1978), Nr. 1 – aus Berichten der Wach- und Patrouillendienste (From the Reports of Security Guards & Patrol Services Part 1, 1985), Dorf (Village, 2001), Mitten im Malestream (2005).

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