Janine Sack (Ed.)

As a publisher, lecturer and art director, Janine Sack is interested in the different media possibilities of presenting and contextualising the respective topics.

She conceives and designs all forms of publications: e-books, books, websites as well as magazines and newspapers (most recently redesign of the “taz”, 2017; from 2008–2012 the weekly newspaper “der Freitag”).

She is part of the journalistic network Drucken Heften Laden, which publishes the quarterly newsletter Paper News in addition to joint trade fair participations and a series of events.

Until 2009, she worked as a visual artist with a special focus on the relationship of the subject to its media representation. She co-founded the artist groups frauen•und•technik and -Innen and is currently part of the feminist network #PurpleNoise.

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