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Verplaatst Edition

Image out of the series Verplaatst – photographic observation of urban change in Rotterdam


In the digital publication Verplaatst, artist Annette Kisling captures Rotterdam’s urban transformation photographically while describing the city’s social shift. Kisling’s artistic oeuvre includes numerous photographic series that reflect her exploration of the multi-layered meaning of the architecture that surrounds us.

Rotterdam was very badly destroyed during the Second World War, a fact that can still be felt today. Since its reconstruction in the 1950s, the city has been an experimental field for modern architecture.

Photographer Annette Kisling spent a year in Rotterdam in 2003 and gave her photographic impressions of the city’s multi-layered, lively, and at the same time fragile appearance. She continues her work in Rotterdam from 2017 to 2023. The city has changed a lot in the meantime. Diversity has remained Rotterdam, but a new exclusivity has been added. The city is focusing more and more on densification and economic upgrading.

With Verplaatst, an extensive photographic series has been created that gives a complex impression of the city’s development. The publication of the same name comprises a selection of 174 photographs that Kisling has compiled especially for the e-book.

Annette Kisling

Annette Kisling lives in Berlin and Leipzig. She studied at the art schools in Kassel, Offenbach am Main and Hamburg. She then worked for extensive periods in Zürich, Rotterdam, Paris, Marfa, Venice, Bangalore, Ahmedabad. Since 2009 she is Professor of Photography at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig.

In photographic series Annette Kisling describes her experiences with the architecture that surrounds her. One focus is twentieth-century modernism. In the case of the series Verplaatst she turns her attention to the urban development of the city Rotterdam, ranging from the modernism of the 1950s to the contemporary architecture of the 2020s.

Photography: Annette Kisling

20 x 30 cm
Archival Pigment Print
Edition 30

without framing, including e-book*
100 Euro

*Photographs and text: Annette Kisling
Proofreading: Sophie Wohlgemuth
Translation: Benjamin Carter
Lithography: Jan Scheffler
Design: Janine Sack
German / English
216 pages, 174 photographs
fixed epub (250 MB)
April 2023
ISBN 978-3-947295-76-0
14,99 Euro

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