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Cultural Studies for Troubling Times. A Multimodal Introduction to British and American Cultures

This publication shares the core ideas of Cultural Studies with everyone seeking to understand the role of culture in times of manifold crisis

Did you ever wonder how Irish people ended up on Barbados? Or how Black Detroit danced to Kraftwerk? Or why there are no statues of women on Trafalgar Square? And what all this has to do with the economy and politics of culture?

In the form of eleven short texts accompanied by eleven educational videos, this multimodal e-book introduces basic terms and central theoretical approaches within Cultural Studies to students from various disciplines, but even more so to everyone interested in questions of cultural identity, media materialities, representation, popular culture and cultural memory. Additionally, we provide a first insight into the cultural history of the anglophone world. Each chapter also contains a selected bibliography for further reading. This publication aims to enable its readers to understand the culture we live just a little bit better, and to transform it.

Christian Huck

Christian Huck is professor of English and American Cultural and Media Studies at the University of Kiel. His research currently focuses on cultural studies and media theory, nature, Ireland and digital materiality. Publications include Das Populäre der Gesellschaft. Systemtheorie und Populärkultur (2007); Fashioning Society, or, The Mode of Modernity: Observing Fashion in Eighteenth-Century Britain (2010); Wie die Populärkultur nach Deutschland kam. Geschichten aus dem 20. Jahrhundert (2018); Digitalschatten. Das Netz und die Dinge (2020). He is working on bringing matters of Cultural Studies to the public through talks and events (Culturitical) as well as digital platforms. cultural-studies.org

Ed.: Christian Huck
Text: Victoria Allen, Dennis Büscher-Ulbrich, Nicola Glaubitz, Christian Huck, Marlon Lieber
Associate editor: Garret Scally
Films: collaged and sampled from the cognitive commons by Christian Huck with the help of Karsten Krause and the voice of Victoria Allen
Design: Janine Sack, Camila de Oliveira Coutinho/EECLECTIC
235 pages, 25 images, 14 videos
epub (160 MB)
April 2024
ISBN 978-3-947295-95-1
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Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 Lizenz (BY-SA)

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