Element 3


Philosophical thoughts by birds, drawn and put into words by the artist

60 pages, 30 drawings
148 x 195 mm
Open Binding
September 2019
Edition 500
ISBN 978-3-947295-52-4

Also available as e-book

20,00 EUR


Philosophical thoughts by birds, drawn and put into words by the artist.

„Birds“ was inspired by Jim Goldberg’s „Rich and Poor“, a collection of photographs of rich and poor Americans, each with a handwritten statement by the subject, thereby creating a heart gripping portrait of the USA.

It was a logical step to have an ornithologist (a fictional ornithologist) portrait birds in a similar way, for they have just as much to say about the human condition. If people would only listen.

“I have no idea what people think of me,
I don’t think much of them, that’s for sure.
Life is a bitch for everyone and I’m
struggling, just like everyone else.
Compassion is a mistake and the seed
for sloth and weakness.
And nobody ever offered to help me
out in any way, so why should I?
Egon, buzzard”


Philosophische Betrachtungen von Vögeln, von der Künstlerin gezeichnet und in Worte gefasst.

„Birds“ wurde von Jim Goldbergs „Rich and Poor“ inspiriert, einer Sammlung von Fotografien reicher und armer Amerikaner, die mit einer handschriftlichen Erklärung der Abgebildeten versehen sind, wodurch ein ergreifendes Porträt der USA entstand.

So war es ein logischer Schritt, dass ein Ornithologe (ein fiktiver Ornithologe) Vögel auf ähnliche Weise porträtiert, denn sie haben genauso viel über den menschlichen Zustand zu sagen. Wenn die Leute nur zuhören würden.

Johanna Thompson


Johanna Thompson studied New Genres at the San Francisco Art Institute. Her practice ranges from sound and performance to drawing and writing. She is one half of the art collective Umbra et Lux and co-author of the publication “notes from the underground”.

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