Element 3

Dit and Dah

A creative usage and approach in cryptic morse code that explores the world of nonverbal communication to find creative solutions and build inclusiveness in learning

23 pages, 10 illustrations, 50+ sounds and light for visual learning, 3 visual learning charts
English text

November 2018

3,99 Euro

ISBN 978-3-947295-31-9 (fixed epub)
ISBN 978-3-947295-32-6 (pdf)

November 2018
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These pages filled with dots and dashes will be a starting point for you to engage in a nonverbal world of communication called Morse code. Though morse code was placed as a vital method of radio communication during the second world war and a standard distress communication till 1999, many innovative geniuses are bringing back this communication in a creative platform.Morse code, a cryptic code that can only be deciphered by a small percentage of people who have been trained or have learned to use it. It is for this reason why it feels like it is unprecedented in the world of creative engaging communication.

It would not be surprising if we had missed out hearing secret codes that one of our favorite band has been subtly chiming right into our ears, the blinking lights you had seen one night on top of the hill facing your window, a series of finger taps on a table top by a seemingly engrossed young man gambling away in a board game in a park.

You would be surprised to find today, that morse code is a versatile tool in the world of fiction and in the real world. I hope that this small introduction show you how creative we can get to build a new communication structure using Morse code.

Zingsho Vashum


Zingsho(won) Vashum is a Naga-Indian designer focused in bringing inclusiveness in learning, products and storytelling. She did her BSc.Vis.com in Electronic media and is currently doing her M.A. Communication Design in Berlin. She is a book nerd, science fiction enthusiast and loves to make things tangible.

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