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Treasures from the Forest – Tales of Brazilian Folklore

A collection of oral stories from native Brazilian folklore, retold as remembered from the author’s childhood

14 pages, 4 illustrated animations, sound
Multimedia fixed epub
28MB, runs smoothly on iOS devices

December 2018

ISBN 978-3-947295-29-6 (fixed epub)

3,99 EUR

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Treasures from the Forest is a small collection of folktales from native indigenous Brazil, retold by the author as she remembers it from her own childhood. In an attempt to keep these stories alive and present in an increasingly globalized media, she decided to collect and bring them to the European reader.
The book is an ode to a mystical childhood and a thank you to the author’s culture and roots. The tales are accompanied by the author’s own animated illustrations.


“Treasures from the Forest” ist eine kleine Sammlung ursprünglicher, brasilianischer Volksmärchen, wiedererzählt nach Kindheitserinnerungen der Autorin.
Sie bringt diese Geschichten nach Europa, um zu versuchen, sie in einem immer globalisierteren Medium lebendig zu halten.

Das Buch ist eine Ode an eine mystische Kindheit und ein Dankeschön an Camila Coutinhos Kultur und Wurzeln. Die Erzählungen werden von den animierten Illustrationen der Autorin begleitet.

Camila Coutinho


Camila Coutinho is a luso-brazilian graphic designer with a deep passion for editorial design and books. She also experiments with typography, photography and finding her way in between design and art. She graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Lisbon as a designer, proficient in both product and graphic design, and is now pursuing her masters degree in Communication Design in Berlin. You can see some of her work here.

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